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NeuroSense Completes Successful Phase IIa and Receives Patent Allowance

NeuroSense Therapeutics has successfully completed a phase IIa clinical trial with their current combination drug PrimeC, illustrating the safety and tolerability of the pharmaceutical. Furthermore, initial signs of efficacy were observed as the overall disease decline was slower when compared to matched PRO-ACT placebo arm. NeuroSense has also received a patent allowance in the US […]

NeuroSense Granted European Orphan Drug Designation

NeuroSense Therapeutics has gained orphan drug designation for the Ciprofloxacin Celecoxib combination pharmaceutical, PrimeC, by the European Medicine Association (EMA). The classification compliments the prior orphan drug designation by the FDA in 2020. Additionally, NeuroSense was awarded a seal of excellence by the European Commission, illustrating the potential success of this drug.

NeuroSense’s Origins, Current Status and Plans Forward

NeuroSense co-founder and CEO Alon Ben-Noon was inspired to find an effective treatment for ALS after meeting with ALS patient Shay Rishoni. Alon founded NeuroSense with years of experience running a consulting firm that collaborated with several leading pharmaceutical companies. He was joined by an outstanding team of ALS specialists, with women making up 75% […]

NeuroSense Presents at ALS/MND Symposium

NeuroSense’s groundbreaking treatment, PrimeC, aims to regulate microRNA synthesis, reduce neuroinflammation, and affect iron accumulation. In preclinical studies in SOD1 and TDP-43 zebrafish mutant models, the treatment benefitted motor performance, motor neuron morphology, neuromuscular junction structure, and morphology of microglia cells. Following the successful preclinical studies, NeuroSense initiated a 12-month open label clinical trial in […]

Continuation of Positive Trends in ALS Clinical Trial

NeuroSense Therapeutics has reported promising results from their NST002 Phase IIa clinical study. Patients at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center received 9 months of treatment with PrimeC, after which positive trends in patients’ respiratory and overall function were observed, similar to the 6-month analysis results. In January 2021, the study will be concluded after 12 […]

NeuroSense’s Clinical Trial Interim Results Webinar

Hear the people of NeuroSense discuss the science behind our drug, and present pre-clinical and preliminary clinical results.   Opening: 0:21 Introduction to NeuroSense’s Story: 3:40 PrimeC Mechanism of Action: 9:02 Pre-Clinical Results: 14:45 Pre-Clinical results summary: 24:56 PrimeC Unique Formulation: 26:57 Clinical Study NST002 Interim Top-Line Results: 29:14 Next Steps: 37:32 Q&A: 38:29  

Introducing the Women Behind NeuroSense

Avital Pushett is the head of the ALS clinical program at NeuroSense. When she was only 11 years old, Avital’s father was diagnosed with ALS. During the two years following his diagnosis, she watched her father lose his ability to function independently and unfortunately pass away from the disease. At NeuroSense, Avital has overseen clinical […]

Encouraging Interim Results of NeuroSense’s Clinical Study

The interim results from PrimeC’s NST002 clinical trial indicated that treatment with PrimeC slowed disease progression in ALS patients, which highlights the exciting potential of this novel drug. The results were analysed using ALSFRS-R and vital capacity parameters. The 12-month study has monitored 15 patients with ALS over a period of 6 months and, in […]

Clinical Studies Initiation and Orphan Drug Designation

PrimeC, developed by NeuroSense Therapeutics, has received an orphan drug status from the FDA. Since ALS is a rare disease, financial incentives are crucial to develop drugs profitably without assistance from the government. An orphan drug status allows manufacturers to benefit from market exclusivity, support from the FDA, tax exemptions and fee reductions.  In preclinical […]