Introducing The Women Behind Neurosense

Avital Pushett is the head of the ALS clinical program at NeuroSense. When she was only 11 years old, Avital’s father was diagnosed with ALS. During the two years following his diagnosis, she watched her father lose his ability to function independently and unfortunately pass away from the disease. At NeuroSense, Avital has overseen clinical research in ALS patients in the United States and Israel. She is dedicated to finding a cure for ALS and is excited about the potential of PrimeC, which was not available during her father’s battle with ALS.

Dr. Shiran Zimri is the head of NeuroSense’s Scientific Program. Growing up, Shiran knew she wanted to pursue something that would bring positive change in the world, and her fascination with the brain led her to pursue a master’s and doctoral degree in neurobiology. She manages the scientific research at NeuroSense.

Avital and Shiran are committed to improving patients’ quality of life, and are confident that NeuroSense’s PrimeC will offer hope to those diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases.


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