NeuroSense Therapeutics & Massachusetts General Hospital’s NeuroEpigenetics Lab to Collaborate on Elucidating Neurotherapeutic Effects of PrimeC in ALS

NeuroSense Therapeutics announced it has signed a collaboration agreement with Dr. Ghazaleh Sadri-Vakili, MS, PhD and Massachusetts General Hospital’s NeuroEpigenetics Lab to explore the neurotherapeutic effects of its lead combination drug, PrimeC, utilizing a novel in vitro model generated from post-mortem ALS brain tissue (synaptoneurosomes (SNs) system).

“We are excited to join NeuroSense in its mission to advance PrimeC for people living with ALS,” commented Dr. Sadri-Vakili. “Our laboratory prides itself on partnering with industry collaborators to assess the neuroprotective efficacy of new treatments with the hopes of identifying novel therapies for ALS. Our in vitro model may serve as an effective tool to increase our understanding of PrimeC’s neurotherapeutic mechanism of action.”


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