NeuroSense’s novel drug, PrimeC, aims to treat ALS by regulating microRNA synthesis, reducing neuroinflammation, and influencing iron accumulation. PrimeC is a novel formulation composed of unique doses of two FDA-approved drugs, Ciprofloxacin and Celecoxib, which aim to synergistically inhibit the progression of ALS. The drug mitigates the degeneration and inflammatory response of motor neurons, and has significantly outperformed conventional treatments in a zebrafish model of ALS.

NeuroSense’s preclinical studies showed outstanding results in zebrafish models of ALS. PrimeC was shown to improve motor performance, and recover the morphology of motor neurons, neuromuscular junction structures, and microglial cells. Following these promising results, NeuroSense conducted two clinical trials which have shown that the drug is safe and tolerable, with promising clinical signs. PrimeC has received an orphan drug status from the FDA and EMA, and is currently preparing for a robust Phase 2b/3 clinical trial.

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