Dr. Niva Russek-Blum

VP Discovery & IP Generator

Dr. Niva Russek- Blum has over 17 years of experience in neuroscience, specifically Parkinson’s disease and ALS.

Niva established her lab in 2012, leading research as a Principle Investigator under the auspices of Ben Gurion University, focusing on neurological and immune perspectives of neurodegenerative diseases.

She established a CRO, utilizing high throughput-screening infrastructure required for the evaluation of potential therapeutics, with broad expertise in microscopy, image and behavioral analyses.

Her work was published in established journals and she has actively organized and participated in worldwide conferences. Niva is experienced in raising funds from competitive granting agencies and the private sector, collaborations with major academia and biotech/pharma entities, managing strategic planning, recruiting and mentoring students and technical staff and cooperating with TTOs.

PhD in Neurobiology, from The Weizmann Institute.

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